Two Twisted Stories

by Inception

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We recorded these songs for a split with Words Like Wire a long while back.
They unfortunately cancelled on the split, so we have had these songs on the back burner for the longest time.
We got fed up of holding these songs forever, so we are deciding to release these two songs as an EP: Two Twisted Stories.


released December 25, 2015

Recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered, bass/drum programming - Jose Gonzalez
Album artwork by Semco Designs



all rights reserved


Inception Fayetteville, North Carolina

Metalcore studio project from North Carolina.

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Track Name: Shadows of Ruins
I wish I never had to sleep again.
I would turn it down.
I won't let you down.
I've given up everything for you.
That was a big mistake, but now you're better off dead.

Better off dead in my head.

Erase the past, but make it last.
I can't keep trudging on like this.
You make it so hard for me.
I hope you die tonight.
Nothing short of a tragedy.
I won't protect you anymore.
You will soon know what it's like to hate.
You will succumb to me.
Trapped inside, unforgiven,
Lacerated, so exploited.
You have become my pawn.
Now spill your blood in my reign.

I'll leave you to the frosty night and slip you into the frozen lake.

Trapped inside,
So exploited.

Your life hangs in the balance, sitting on my weighted scales, waiting still.
Give me all that you are.
Let me feed upon your life.
I will destroy the evil that lives within your heart and take it back to hell.
Track Name: The Animal
She paints a pretty picture, but her story has a twist.
Her paintbrush was a razor.
The canvas was her wrist.
No friendship or acceptance.
You know it never lasts.
He took your heart and ate it.
Now there's only emptiness.

Carefully choosing your weapon of choice,
You paint your body red while ignoring my voice.
You start to feel the relapse.
It rots your fucking brain.
There's nothing I can do and now nothing I can say.

All that I want from you is just a little sympathy.
Is that too much to ask because we're doing things my way?
I take a step closer as you choke on my breath.
With eyes like stone, I watch your body collapse.

Gagged, bound, tied and forgotten,
Your body's just another motherfucking attraction.
I'll tie by your feet and watch the blood pour on me.
Such a lovely sight to see a slut rot…

Carefully placing my hands on your ovaries,
I tear them out with no remorse just to watch you bleed.
Tell me how it feels to be treated like an animal.
No respect, no one cares.
You're only born to die.

This is my final revocation to the female populous.
You've broken my trust.

My mind's been twisted but not confused.
My instinct's may be primal, but I'm smarter than you.