The Lost Studio Collection

by Inception

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This is a collection of recent demos and b-sides, with certain songs featuring ex-Inception vocalist, Deante Scott.
Keep in mind that we did some of these songs hastily, so we apologize if they are cheesy/crappy.


released December 30, 2012

Vocals: Tristan Thompson, TommyZane, Deante Scott, Ryan Semco, Donnie Andrich, Cory Chartier, Cuneyt "Fish" Kalender, Alex "Cheeser" Gael, Mark Bell
Instrumentals: Ryan Semco
Produced/Tracked/Mixed/Mastered: Ryan Semco
Additional tracking/mixing/mastering: Alex "Cheeser" Gael
Slight volume editing: Jose Gonzalez
Album artwork by Semco Designs (



all rights reserved


Inception Fayetteville, North Carolina

Metalcore studio project from North Carolina.

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Track Name: Hymn for the Fallen
Pray for those who have fallen,
To the disease that wants your soul.
Staring awake in your bed,
Unbeknownst to the disease that spread.
Rest in the night as the plague consumes you,
Waiting for us all to fall to our doom.
Maybe if we all had a chance,
But with the dead, we shall dance.
Track Name: Devastation to Us All
Sit down with me.
I just want to talk.
Please listen to me.
I mean no harm.
You are in my way.
Turn yourself around.
See your way out.
I'd hate to see you fall.

You fail to comply.
Send in the troops.
You've outdone yourself.
This is a big mistake.
You have a chance at mercy.
Just one simple task.
I'll give you one last chance.
Surrender yourself.

Robotic infantry.
One stand, one man.
I see you staring back.
Don’t think I can’t see you.
Surrounded by honor,
I’ll make this final charge.
Arms raised towards the sky.
Come forth and die.

Call forth a conference.
My will is in order.
A gathering herein,
Told for centuries.
Words of the noble will
Echo through these halls.
We need a better plan,
Or this war will end.

I'm asking for direction,
No more execution.
I need a better plan.
Show me the battlegrounds.
I’ll do it by myself.
Send in the strongest band.
Give them the right judgment,
And send them on their way.


We are defiant.
The rebellion.
We are the lost cause.
The chosen ones.
Track Name: Shadows of Ruins (feat. Cory Chartier of The Science Behind)
I wish I never had to sleep again.
I would turn it down.
I won’t let you down.
You know my every thought today inside my head.
I can’t just get you out.
You are better off dead.

Better off dead.
Better off dead.
Better off dead
In my head.

Erase the past, but make it last.
I can’t go on like this.
You make it so hard for me to breathe.
Nothing short of a tragedy.
I will not protect you anymore.
Your deceit and cowardice will only lead to your demise.
The shame of your reckless actions
Only leaves unbearable consequences.
I hope that you die tonight.

I’ll leave you to the frosty night,
And slip you into the frozen lake.
Trapped inside, unforgiving.
Lacerated, so exploited.

Give me one good reason why I should even consider your plea?
Your life hangs in the balance,
Sitting on my weighted scales, waiting still.
Give me your eternal life,
And face your impending, immortal hell.
Shadows of the black ruins…
This will now be justified.

Track Name: Absolution
This is absolution.
Mindless pollution.
You have sealed your fate.
There is no escape.
The ground shall be your resting place.
No one shall be able to bear your face

Into the sleep you'll never wake
Where you cannot escape.
This is your mistake,
And for this, I'll have all I can take.

Enter the ground for my keep.
You shall forever be asleep,
Resting the sleep of the dead.
Nightmares haunt your head.


I know you are glad about how you make me mad.
Your life ends very soon.

There is no escape for you.
You life means nothing to me.
Your body lay silently
Still with the smell of disgust.
Track Name: B.A.O.S.
You thought that you could hide from us.
You thought that you could run away.
You thought so damn wrong.
You are so dead wrong.
We are the prowlers of those that deceive the weak.
We are the hunters of those that abuse the helpless.
We are coming for you.
We are calling for blood.
We are gonna serve justice, cold as hell.

Try to stop us.
Try to resist our hatred.
Try to justify your crimes.
It will do you no good.

This is the way that we fight.
This is the way that we control corruption.
This means only one thing:
Get rid of everyone that’s stained the earth with the blood of the innocent.
Your sovereignty is over.
Grab your bags, pack ‘em up, and move out quickly.
Don’t make me do it myself.

“The corruption of the best things gives rise to the worst.” David Hume
“The duty of the youth is to challenge corruption.” Kurt Cobain
“Sometimes corruption is slowed by shedding light into what was previously shadowed.” Paul Wolfowitz
“Personally I don't think solving corruption is such a big problem.” Imran Khan

We witness darkness through the actions of those who promise to save us,
But when they show up empty handed,
It’s our job to rid them of this planet.

Give me one more politician, and I’ll give you one less spineless rat.
Don’t act like you were not selfish in the slightest.
Power’s enough to make you lose your way.
They say they are sent from God.
Well, then God must have the sickest sense of leadership, of compassion, or of decency.

Time to get on your hands and knees.
It’s time to face the music.
Face your mistakes now.
You will get exactly what you deserve, and not one bullet less.
Do you still think that it was worth it?
I highly doubt it.
It’s so pointless to feign confusion.
It’s so pointless to beg for mercy.
This is what you get for putting your pride before your people.
Track Name: Destroyer
This man is out of his mind.
He cannot be reasoned.
He cannot be bargained with.
His eyes on the prize.
Such a fabricated goal to justify his reasons to ruin my life.
With eyes unclean,
His vision pierces me endlessly.
My mind starts to rip at the seams.
He takes from me what I’ve never been given:
A life full of rage and the stain of blood on my hands.

His purpose: malicious.
His method: diabolical.

I must break free from his hold,
Or else I’ll just be another check off the list.
He looks at me with those hungry eyes,
And starts to cut me piece by piece.

A savior with terribly dismal knowledge.
A man with connections to a greater evil.

I must destroy this evil.
I need to end this nightmare.
I have to find a way
To control this fear and hatred.

Down this rabbit hole lies the core of my darkness.

Further down I go.
Further down I know that there is an answer to my misery.
I continue to pursue this truth in hopes to end this madness.

I discover my darkest nemesis.
I discover my evil incarnate.
All that I need to do is end you.
Everything will come undone.

Picking up a lead pipe.
Bashing your brains in.
Retaliate with all your might.
We both know that I am gonna win.
Ripping out your spine,
Vertebrae by vertebrae.
This is only gonna take me just a minute of my time.
You gave me hell on earth.
You expect me to give it up without fighting back?
With determination, I grab you by the neck,
Squeezing out every single drop of your life, and it’s done.

Did you hear me?
I said it’s done!

I now understand the extent of evil.
There has to be an explanation.
Mastering my fear.
Controlling my hatred.
You lied to me.
You used me like a puppet.
My evil returns.
It was pacified, not obliterated.
You lied to me.
I now have a choice to make.
Track Name: Breaking All Ties
Cut off from your own salvation,
Hiding away, no more discretion.
You are looking for a way
To make this all just disappear.

Just take my hand and follow me down
Into the land of the fallen and found.
You will find acceptance for who you are
And the life that you've chosen to live.

The path that you are on means nothing to us.
A walk of fear and terror that reigns,
Finding its way to bring out those tears.
You know your weakness, and it begins with truth.

Now is the time, and you must choose.
Live this life, or cut it loose.
No more strife or unending crying.
It's all just a small step away.

Headfirst into your newfound domain,
Confusion and frustration are all that remains.
Lost in the strain of a complicated life,
The only way out is to sleep through the night.
If you could just last for another dark day,
I know it’s hard, but would you just listen to me?
When you hit the bottom of this gutter called life,
There's nowhere to go but up from here.

You careless body of trepidation,
You know exactly what I’m talking about.
Don’t conceal your shame from the consequences of your actions anymore.

Spiraling out of control, you are falling down.
No one’s around, so make up your mind.
You're making this too difficult, please just stop.
No one cares about your problems.
No one cares about your life.
If it were up to me, I would know when to stop.
Ask me to forgive you.
Your father is ashamed.
Give the apple back to the tree and let me see.
Everything around you is rotting so slowly.
Track Name: Juggernaut (feat. Fish Kalender of Good With Anything)
Waiting inside these lies, I cannot be seen.
You, your father, your family’s obscene.
Don’t make me cry, ‘cause you can’t say it right.
Lie, and murder.
Your passion is fire.

All my wits about me, crashing at your feet.
The martyr’s den; lie.

Oh, my god.
I’m falling away.
Nothing in mind, nothing to say,
Pushing me back.
I’ll find another way.
Something so strange,
Giving me power to overcome your reign.
With every hour,
I am the patriarch; no one will stand.


Oh, my god.
You’re going astray.
Nothing in mind, nothing to say.
Pushing me back,
I’ll find another way.
Something so strange
Giving me power to overcome your reign.
With every hour,
I am the juggernaut; you will not stand.

I am the patriarch; you will bow.
I am the juggernaut; you will fall.
I am your leader; follow me.
I am taking over; listen to me.

Take me.
I’ll save this world, this rotten country.
Give me rule.
Track Name: Retribution
This is all just a dream.
This is morally right.
This is fully deserved.
This is what I get for placing my own curiosity
Before my own life, before my own love.
You could consider this a type of self-induced retribution.
This is what I must withstand to make everything right once again.
I cannot walk away from this anymore.