by Inception

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released March 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Inception Fayetteville, North Carolina

Metalcore studio project from North Carolina.

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Track Name: Today
featuring Josh Kelly (Eyes & Teeth)

The only thing I live for is to dream of tomorrow, but what about today?

I set myself a new direction.
My current state truly beckons this question:
What are the odds of being me?
In another place, in another life, I could be suffering.
I intend to lay down this manifesto that states that I shall prevent
Any possible transgression that should ever befall me,
With no exceptions at all.
Not any envious prospects.

Gratitude is not a foreign concept to me.
I'm aware of the consequences of every action, reaction, exactly as they happen.
Those thoughts are poisonous, and I refuse to stoop to such a level
As low as these selfish wastes of feeling, breathing forms of life
Who act like they deserve all they own.

It sickens me to think that either of you deserve any of this.
You give everything to her and
Put it in her hands, turn us all around.
You selfish fool. You arrogant man.
Take everything and rip it to shreds.
Everything's a card shuffled in the deck,
But you lay it all down and play the wrong hand.

This is just another classic case of the journey, and not the destination.
Track Name: Cemeteries of London
featuring Deante Scott (Tayy Scott, ex-Inception, ex-The Science Behind)

A sudden phone call,
And a rising overwhelming mix of realization and wondering for why this had to be.
A sudden, overwhelming tragedy that has come to pass on me.
Even though she’s gone, I’ll face her, even though I cannot save her.
I shall confront the face of death.

Demanding the knowledge.
I need to understand the process, the cause, the effect and the reason.
Examining the body.
Her lifeless body has become the source of my suffering.
I must have the knowledge.
We will understand the process, the cause, the effect and the reason in time.
Let me see the body.
Her lifeless body has become the source of your pain.

Acceptance. Permission. I enter the room.
He opens the body bag, revealing a future tomb.
What I see is shocking; I can’t stop disbelieving.
Epitome of sickness. The question is the quickness.
Sample the body. Research the meaning
As I sit here, reflecting: I just saw her two days ago.
He comes back with the meaning.
He comes back with the answers.
He tells me it’s a plague.
He tells me it’s a cancer.
He says it’s something different.

The lights go out.
Gunshots about.
Hit the floor.
I’m hiding, fearing everything coming through the door.
The doctor, dead.
Once again, the body, taken.
I have suddenly become petrified, but wholly redefined.

Research is under progress.
Days pass, then months.
I continue with the hopes for an answerable end.
I have finally found somewhere that I can go.
I guess my destination is a graveyard in London.

I need more than this perfect reason.
I need more than this selfish season.
I need more than this dead end grave.
I need more than this place.
l need more than this.
I need more.

As I stand here, in this cold, unwelcoming graveyard,
I think to myself “Is any of this worth it?”
I truly cannot think of what else to do, where else to go, how else to continue.
Maybe all of these graves are just telling me where it ends,
My pursuit of finding the reason, of uncovering some greater truth,
Because what will it change?
I just ask myself, “What will it change!?”
I understand now that she is gone, and I…
I can never change that.
Track Name: A Common Good
featuring Brandon Snyder (Betray Your Own)

Fate brought me to this graveyard in London,
And I’m left with so many questions,
Like why am I here?
Where do I go?
Searching for a common good to call my own,
To find answers to the unknown.
Like the reason I’m here,
And where I should go.
I am just simply searching for a meaning for everything.
Please come to me.

He comes to me with what appears to be
An explanation for my misery.
“Hide your tongue from the world,
For I can erase and replace you.”
Thus it begins.

She was the victim of a hidden disease.
It’s a cancer.
It’s a plague.
It’s something in between.
Keter-level catastrophe.
Dormant, it was laying.
Dormant, it was waiting.
Now it’s set free.
Searching for a common good to call my own,
To find answers to the unknown.
The first one is the Factory,
And there are many more to come.
Why is this happening?

Everything that I have found
Has left me here lost and confused.
May a greater being be there,
Or am I just speaking to an empty room?

Searching for a common good to call my own,
To find the answers to the unknown.
My search for the truth ends abruptly,
But I know one day, the truth will be set free.
Track Name: Prisoners (The Omega Cell)
featuring Derek Wilson (Makeshift Fate, ex-For All It's Worth, ex-And They Called Us Dreamers)

Born into hate. (Born to assimilate.)
I find this space (I find this empty place.)
Mesmerizing, hypnotizing,
Realigning. Perfect timing.
I am the last of my kind.
You will open your mind now.

Shoving me towards your mistakes.
Holding me back. Is this the way?

My purpose, convoluted.
Their intent is just as obscure as my hazy past.
I don’t know who I am.
I don’t where I came from.
I don’t how I got here.
All I know is that I need to find out:
Why am I such a mystery?
Why is it that I have to follow every command,
And I cannot say a word?

I am controlled. They monitor everything.
They are watching my every single move.
They are the ones that think they can do as they please;
Overseers of my every single action.

Jump back into reality.
Take me back. Take me home.
I can’t understand why.
All of this hate surrounds me
And gives me my authority.
I’ll make my own regrets.
I need to suffer.

Born into hate. (Born to assimilate.)
I find this space. (I find this empty place.)
Mesmerizing, hypnotizing,
Realigning, fucking perfect timing.
I am the last of my kind.
You will open your mind now.

Shoving me towards your mistakes.
Holding me back. Is this the way?
Shoving me towards (I)
Your mistakes. (WILL)
Holding me back. (NOT)
Is this the way? (LIE)

At this moment, I have come to understand that we cannot simply subside and allow our adversaries to manipulate our conditions and state of mind. Whether by means of physical or mental control, they have the power to ruin everything that is set before us, but that does not mean they can prevent our uprising, our progression, our actions to amend the situation and create a solution. We pave our own paths to righteousness. We are our own barriers that restrict furtherance. There’s no going back. It’s time for a change. WE SHALL OVERCOME.



Track Name: Ocean of Dreams
featuring Cory Chartier (The Science Behind, ex-Ghandi's Never Wrong Twice)

Why must I try?
There's no mercy.
You are relentless and cruel.
Nothing stops you.
You're just the thunder in my ocean of dreams.
No more lies.
I'm done trying.
Am I the one who's at fault?
Selfish human,
You're the ghostwriter for my novel of schemes.

You won't be able to ever take to the skies with this anchor around your feet.

You play my heart, and yet you feel no remorse.
I can’t go on like this; every step forward is just a step back now.
You take my thoughts, and place them in doubt.
Why did I ever trust you?

Many times I tried (to let go).
I could not resist (your grasp upon me).
The things I've done (all that I ever done).
I am ashamed (and so disgusted).
Take me back (I am yours),
Or leave me here (to rot insane).

You play with my heart, and you still feel no remorse.
I cannot continue going on this way.

You see nothing. I am just your scapegoat.
Suffering at the hands of your cruelty.
Pain from just looking at you.
Drive the nail. Make me scream.
Do your part, or just go away.
I am sick of being treated like you own me.
I won’t give you a chance to restore my faith in you.


I can’t ignore this anymore.
This is my dream, and it’s all for me.
This is all that I’m working towards,
And it’s all for me.
Yeah, it’s all for me.
Don’t have your selfishness prevent me
From pursuing my passion and my dreams.
I am truly done with your lies.
Track Name: ...Lost
featuring Jose Gonzalez (Short Game, Said the Seraph, Bloodlines, Words Like Wire)
featuring Jo Brown (Arms Length Away, Short Game, ex-Dying as GoodMen, ex-Beyond the Broken)

The void space is casting a shadow
Upon my pain. It doesn’t seem to let me go.
Will the pain ever stop for a moment?
You left me here with questions left unanswered.
What am I to do?

When everything seems so hard,
I want to fight, but all my hope is gone.
Is there anything still worth it? Answer me!
Will you help me guide my way back to you?

The emptiness begins to fill my soul. I must ask:
Where are you? Where did you go?
Everything that we worked so hard for means nothing in the end.
I cannot pretend that I could ever forget you.

You left me without saying goodbye ).
The very thought of it distorts my mind.
And the worst part of it all is I didn’t get to tell you…

That I need you!
I just want you near me!
Always beside me!
My wandering mind!
My aching hands!
Simply put, I am lost!

The night you walked away, I couldn’t believe it.
I dropped everything to be by your side.
It wasn’t enough. Was it ever enough?
If the path was so sure, why did you leave me this way?

But if I close my eyes,
Will you still be there when I wake up?
So just please don’t go.
I need you here with me.
I open my eyes to see the truth.
The space is empty.

Everything means nothing.
I lost everything when I found out that
You were gone. You lied to me.
This whole charade; it can’t go on.

Everything means nothing (I lost everything)
I lost everything when I found out that (When I lost you.)
You were gone. You lied to me. (I lost everything)
This whole charade; it can’t go on. (When I lost you.)
Track Name: Graves
featuring Craig Simpson (Phuket Underwater, Dormiveglia, In on It, ex-Contention, ex-Consume the Stars, ex-Cash Money Capital, ex-The Bitches Love Us, ex-The Space Between)

Are these words even worth it?
Am I just wasting my breath?
When I shut my eyes, I realize that there’s nothing left for me to hold onto. Love is just a word until it’s proven,
But I have nothing left to prove.
You’re only as weak as you let yourself be.
I’m better off on my own.
I’ve come to realize that you’re dead to me,
Dead as these graves.
Track Name: Whisper
featuring Jo Brown (Arms Length Away, Short Game, ex-Dying as GoodMen, ex-Beyond the Broken)

Do you remember how it used to be?
Everything was so perfect.
It was an endless bliss,
Peaceful as the night, but nothing lasts forever.
I knew that eventually that things would change.

Do you remember?
Things used to be so easy.
Nothing was stressful.
Just us, nothing more or less.
Down by the lake or nights at the park,
We spent our time together, never alone.

This all changed so suddenly.
Soon enough, I didn't know who you were.
The person I knew was gone.
Ever so rapidly,
The best thing was ripped away from me,
Never to be whole again.

Do you remember the swing outside my window,
Where we would spend our time talking the night away?

I guess you would never remember
The good times we used to have.
I guess that is just way too hard.
It was never about us.
We must whisper the truth of our lies,
For we will never see eye to eye.
We are no longer together.
This is fine by me.
Track Name: .Hack//End_term
featuring Jayson Hall (Valleys, ex-For All It's Worth, ex-Aquience)

“No one can tell you how to feel about anything.”
That’s what I’ve been told, and I agree completely,
But the fact that I don’t feel much of anything after this…
Well, that still must show the utter selfishness that I must have towards the fragility, the value, of life, and this catharsis can only be seen as some worthless attempt to justify this stagnant emptiness, so all that I can really say is that I’m sorry.

One more week, one more day,
But I guess I have no say on how it goes.
I can see you sinking so slow.
No one here is gonna say what is on our minds.
We’re just taking time while our hearts begin to sway.
We’re just wishing you could stay.
I can see it in the way you breathe.
The ticking clock’s got its hands around my feet,
Reminding me that it’s almost time.

I feel the ocean pull you away.
I feel your last breath pushing the waves.
Further out to sea,
Far away from me.
Show me the reason.
Show me the pain.
Show me the feeling I can’t explain
Coming over me.

And the rain came falling down
To lift you up when I wasn’t even around.
Wasn’t there. Unaware.
What was happenin’ now?
How do you expect me to live like this?
An honest connection that did not exist.
Close your eyes and sleep.
Rest now.
You can rest now.

So there you have it. I guess this is me trying to understand everything. All that I can do is thank you, the reason for my everything. What’s done is done. You can rest now.

I wasn’t there, but I felt you over me,
And now you’re finally free.
Rest now.
You can rest now.

Robert Montgomery Sr.
December 7th, 1941 to June 11th, 2012, 8:23 P.M.
Rest in peace.